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Support the South Fraser Protection Camp NOW!

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Originally Posted in: Vancouver Media Co-op, April 24th 2011.

Author: Stop the Pave (

The Wave Against the Pave is rising! The South Fraser Protection Camp has been established. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW.

The longer we stay, the longer the bulldozers can be stopped, and an education campaign about the real impacts of this project can grow in the surrounding neighborhoods.  The political climate is more unstable than ever, and THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL, so now is the time to stand together for climate justice and for the health of our community.

On Earth Day Friday, around 200 local residents and concerned citizens from far and wide met in Delta to rally against the proposed South Fraser Perimeter Road. We marched to a site on the Fraser that has recently been deforested to make way for the freeway, and established our camp there. The camp is a truly inspiring place. It is located high on a bluff overlooking a historic fishing port, with a spectacular view of surrounding mountains and river. This is a strategic spot to stop this pave. We have planted a number of trees in the middle of the road. There is a free kitchen, a medic tent, hygiene facilities, art-making, a solar-powered media tent, and a real full-sized teepee for meetings.

There has been minimal police presence, however, work crews are expected to return to the site on Monday or Tuesday and we MUST have a strong onsite presence.

If you can join our camp for any length of time, your support would make a difference. There will be music and a fire circle discussion tonight (Sun) & Monday evenings. We’ll host a tour of the camp at about 2pm Monday, and a press conference at 3pm.

MOST VITAL RIGHT NOW is to have people onsite through tonight, and possibly Monday night. If you can’t come and camp, please come as early on Monday or Tuesday morning as possible (the first #640 bus leaves Scott Rd. SkyTrain station at 6:10 am, and it is 10 minutes from there).

WE CALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT NOW. Come for a visit, stay for a short time, or camp for a while. Bring food or supply contributions if you like, but most importantly, just come.

The site is easy to reach. The main entrance is on River Road, Delta, just west of Brooke Road (10675 River Rd),  – look for the signs and banners. Drive, bike from SkyTrain, or catch the #640 bus from Scott Rd SkyTrain station (or if westbound, from Ladner Exchange). Our Info Line is 604.355.2771, or call 604.588.4203.

We thank you for all your support, and hope to see you in camp soon!
In gratitude and solidarity,

For a good description of the action and the campsite see pictures  The Tyee OR Vancouver Media Co-op, W2TV or The Province.  Some background and an invitation to the Camp is in this video.

<< a bulletin from >>

An Open Letter to White “Indigenous Solidarity Activists”

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Dear Well-Intentioned White People:


Miigwetch for getting in touch! I’d like to ask you to tell me a bit more about your organization, since we are really interested in connecting with indigenous peoples and communities out that way. But I need to communicate something to you first, which I hope you can hear with an open mind and heart.

Many of us are beginning to see the extent to which as native peoples, we depend on indigenous solidarity groups (which are largely controlled by white/non-native folks) and in taking on this project, we’re seeking to give into and take from within the strength and skills of our own peoples and our own communities. Much like Black Power in the 60’s, we need to build this struggle with our own hands, we need to write our own shit, and we need to connect directly with each other across our territories, as sovereign peoples.

When these relations and connections are mediated or facilitated by non-native peoples, it actually weakens and disempowers us, and that is why we feel that this balance of power needs to shift and be transformed into something new, more parallel than “inclusive”.

Government seeks to “include” us (assimilation policies), militaries and police seek to “include” us (recruitment programs), public school systems seek to “include” us (tokenizing and consuming our histories), and all these, one way or another, want us dead, either in body or in spirit. Is this also what we should expect of solidarity groups, or the movement?

So while we appreciate the support of solidarity groups, and would really love to connect with people of colour and poor communities, because we do face a lot of the same struggles, what would be much more appreciated are the contacts of the indigenous peoples/communities and organizations you have come to know. We’d really like to connect with them directly.

One thing you can do, which there is a very great need for, is to take this message and communicate it (talk about it, start conversations about it, organize around it, think about it, collectively reflect on it, do a workshop/education night on it) to the many well-intentioned white and non-native folks you work and live with, because it should never be the responsibility of the oppressed to educate the oppressor. Or you could just give back the land. That would be GREAT!

(not) Yours,

the Original Peoples.

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