Indigenous Artists and Writers Collective

“i think it’s a fine example of the blogging tradition!!”

this site was created to spread the ndn goodness near and far, love to the people from all over the indigenous world. we put the “us” in indigen-us!! we’re the jam on your scone, the corn in your soup, that honey of a grassdancer you can’t shake your thoughts from…mm-hmm.

so, to submit a piece of news from your hood, graffiti art, films and docs, writing of all kinds, your stylin poetry, or to find out if anybody’s seen your missing three legged dog Willie Nelson, give us a holler!

or call us at 226 381 0428.

smoke signals can be sent to flap, flap, poof, whoosh, breeeeeze.

by the ndnz, for the ndnz. keepin it real since 1492.

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